10.3.3 not building correctly on mac

The 10.3.3 update broke my mac apps. 

I'm using C++ Builder and everything I build on Mac (including brand new apps) is zoomed in to the bottom left corner - I can't scroll and changing the window size or maximizing doesn't make a difference. Windows works fine.

I went back to 10.3.1 and the same apps build fine. The picture below shows the same sample app built using the different IDE's side-by-side:

What is different in 10.3.3 that messed up scaling?

Note: I tried this on two other Macs and it worked fine - so it must have something to do with my Mac's display settings. However, all of my non-Embarcadero and non-10.3.3 apps display perfectly fine, so nothing is actually wrong with my Mac. I've tried changing my resolution, scaling, etc. but it doesn't make a difference. Regardless, C++ Builder should be able to output apps that adjust to Mac settings (which all previous updates did).