mysql connection 10.3.2 Mac 10.15


I have upgraded  to Delphi 10.3.2 and Mac 10.15.

I added libmysqlclient.dylib to the project.

I get the following error:

Exception EFDException in module mysqltest2 at 000000010EAD1A0B.

[FireDAC][Phys][MySQL]-314. Cannot load vendor library [libmysqlclient.dylib, libmariadb or libmysqld.dylib]. Hint: check it is in the PATH or application EXE directories, and has x64 bitness.

  • Hi Guys,

    The following sorted out the problem.

    On the Mac I installed MySqlWorkbench

    Right click on the application and show packages

    Find libmysqlclient.21.dylib 

    rename the file to libmysqlclient.dylib

    Add to the macOS64 Deployment settings

    Set remote path to Contents\MACOS\

    All working fine now.