Debugging does not work under Catalina

Since Catalina, I am not able to debug any OSX Application anymore. The debugger ignores any breakpoint and just run the program. Also running to cursor (F4) is just ignored and any set breakpoint does not stop it.

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  • You are right. I mentioned this several times. For me it means to stop my prolongation of my licence and switch over to Xcode. The answer from embarcadero (i have premium service) to wait for the next version is not acceptable. A clear fault in software. How can i explain this to any customer of my software? For every version i have to apply a new paserver, no downwards compatiblity! This is not the only problem. f.i. i'm looking for ways to connect to ML-framework of apple. May be my effort was to low for that, but haven't solved this. And this is the case for serveral other framekits too. Multiplatform development with RadStudio seem to me a fake. Sorry.

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