Delphi 10.3 Rio AVD Manager and Android Tools is missing

Hello friends:

I have Delphi 10.3 community edition, and I can't find AVD Manager and Android tools.

I can't create an Android Virtual Device, and I can't download other Android SDK and librarys (or drivers) to install.

Please, how I can install AVD and Tools in community edition?.



  • during installation of of DX did you put a check on the option to install Android? if you did, then it should be in your system, but not visible in Windows (start) menu.

    A way to check is to load up DX, go to TOOLS then MANAGE PLATFORMS.  You should see whats installed.

    If Android SDK is not installed, you can install from that window, but I would recommend installing Android Studio instead as its newer interface on updating AndroidSDK is easier than the one that comes with 10.3.1.  And its AVD is easier to setup too.

    However in one of my post inquiry, im being advise to use MEMU which I find it a lot faster emulator than the official Android Emulator.