Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 community and Android Virtual Device


I had been playing with Android programming for weeks and had been compiling and transferring the APK via USB to my android unit to test.  Looking at many Android developing tutorials in youtube, I can see many are using an emulator.  It took me a while to finally make an AVD up and loaded that is "fast enough" (using the Intel HAXM accelerator), all the rest takes more than 10minutes to load.

My next problem is... from the DX when I do a run, it compiles ok but gives an error "INSTALL FAILED NO MATCHING ABIS".  Googling shows that the problem lies on the AVD using Intel x86 while my app is compiled using ARM.  So how can I make my app Intel x86 compatible? 

PS: while trying to learn about AVD, I failed to make a single AVD work using the SDK that comes with DX.  So I downloaded Android Studio and use its GUI to make an AVD and it finally had an AVD that works (where I also learn about the HAXM and USB DEBUGGING).  I guess it doesnt matter having two sets of Android SDK coz the DX was able to detect the AVD created under Android Studio.

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