How to show 'printer list' directly, instead of the 'share with apps' popup?

I have been trying to achieve this with no success.
Having a TXT or a PDF file... I can open it or share/open with using Intent:
For example, this code opens a PDF file, after asking the user which app open it with:
procedure OpenPDF(const AFileName: string);
  LIntent: JIntent;
  LAuthority: JString;
  LUri: Jnet_Uri;
  LAuthority := StringToJString(JStringToString(TAndroidHelper.Context.getApplicationContext.getPackageName) + '.fileprovider');
  LUri := TJFileProvider.JavaClass.getUriForFile(TAndroidHelper.Context, LAuthority, TJFile.JavaClass.init(StringToJString(AFileName)));
  LIntent := TJIntent.JavaClass.init(TJIntent.JavaClass.ACTION_VIEW);
  LIntent.setDataAndType(LUri, StringToJString('application/pdf'));
Using ACTION_VIEW or ACTION_SEND, the App Selector popup appears, depending on the format used: application/pdf in this case.
How can I show the printers list directly, instead the share/open apps popup?
Some apps like Adobe Reader, BlueMail and others, show the Print service/app directly when clicking on 'Print' button, where you simply choose the desired printer.
How can this be done? Anything like ACTION_PRINT? Maybe an intent flag?
Thanks in advance