Unable to create process: Performing Streamed Install

Hi all. 

Apologies - newbie alert (new to Delphi, not programming)

I have installed Rad Studio10.3 and I am attempting to get some Android development working.

The installed sdk is 25.2

I have created a virtual machine and when I activate it and hit the run button I get the following message: 

Unable to create process: Performing Streamed Install

Anyone know what that means? Any other info I need to add to this to help?

Thanks, Jeff.

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  • Bonjour,

    I found an other situation :

    - I installed the exemple application map_ccp (Studio\20.0\Samples\CPP\Multi-Device Samples\Device Sensors and Services\Map Type Selector\map_cpp.cbproj) from C++ Builder 10.3 on Galaxy S9, Android 9. It works.

    -  2 minutes later, I installed the same application map_cpp from C++ Builder 10.3.1, on the same device. Then i received : Performing Streamed Install. The installation is failed.
    I removed manualy map_cpp from the device, and i retry to install map_cpp from C++ Builder 10.3.1. The installation works.

    Suggestion : "Performing Streamed Install" happens when the previus version of you application is still on the device. Probably C++ Builder cannot revome completly the first installation.

    Best regards


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