Unable to create process: Performing Streamed Install

Hi all. 

Apologies - newbie alert (new to Delphi, not programming)

I have installed Rad Studio10.3 and I am attempting to get some Android development working.

The installed sdk is 25.2

I have created a virtual machine and when I activate it and hit the run button I get the following message: 

Unable to create process: Performing Streamed Install

Anyone know what that means? Any other info I need to add to this to help?

Thanks, Jeff.

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  • Bonjour,

    My expérience : Windows 10 , C++ 10.3.1, Android 9 only, SDK 25.2

     This problem appears when your application Android required some autorisations.

    You MUST ask to the user for access to specific part of the mobile. If you dont do that, the application crash, or return a violation error, or Performing Streamed Install.
    This is my experience, this is not necessary all the true.

    Best regards