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  • Getting Started with InterBase for RAD Users

    Most, if not all, of your applications will connect to some database backend.  For Delphi and C++Builder users, most have either used it previously or have heard of it. InterBase is a zero admin, small footprint database engine that offers enter...
    • 19 May 2020
  • So it's been 25 years!

    On February 14, 1995, Delphi saw the day of Light! Wow! When we think of 25 years, we think of big monumental or mega-moments that give us a chance to step-back and reflect over what has happened so far. Now I could start writing out a list of all th...
    • 14 Feb 2020
  • Data Security in InterBase

    Security is the first question I get when speaking with developers around InterBase. Ensuring that you can keep your users data secure and compliant is a necessity in the Cybersecurity world. Whether you have sensitive health data or even just names ...
    • 13 Sep 2019
  • Webinar Replay: Simplify Data Change Tracking with InterBase

    On October 17, I did an InterBase webinar on using Change Views to simplify data change tracking.  Change Views allows you to reduce your network traffic, keep mobile data costs down and speed up your development time by syncing only
    • 18 Oct 2018
  • Happy 35 years to C++

    Choosing a programming language to learn and utilize is an extremely personal choice and not one that developers take lightly. C++ has a long history as a popular language used to create Operating Systems, drivers, gaming engines and so much
    • 30 Aug 2018
  • Webinar Replay: What you need to know about UX Design for Mobile IoT applications

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest topics in the tech world today. The ability to connect everyday objects to the internet and control them with an application or your voice is a true game-changer for end
    • 16 Aug 2018
  • The Case for C++ in the IoT World

    The Internet of Things or IoT is an extremely popular field in technology right now. With all the new tech that fills so many different consumer demands, the wide variety of choices for programming languages are getting some serious attention
    • 14 Jun 2018
  • Using an IDE: Getting back to code faster

    A C++ IDE or an Integrated Development Environment is application development software written to give you a way to create or write C++ applications and programs. There is usually a single interface that incorporates all the tools you need to
    • 22 May 2018
  • Webinar Replay: C++ Software Security Sins

    In the world of software development, we are up against new cyber security threats each day, and the risks and consequences of un-secure software is too great to be unaware of.   Join presenter, Mary Kelly, to address the key security
    • 1 May 2018
  • Using C++ Templates to Write Functions and Classes

    C++ Templates : Blueprints for Generic Classes and Functions C++ Templates are a powerful feature within the C++ language that extends your capabilities within C++.  Templates are a foundation of generic programming that lets you reuse your source code if you
    • 27 Apr 2018