Extracting individual *.obj files from a 64-bit import library

Hi everyone, I successfully managed to create a 64-bit import library ftd2xx64.a from a 64-bit DLL using mkexp.exe recently ie

mkexp.exe ftd2xx64.a ftd2xx64.dll

Using my newly created library I can dump the symbol table with tdump64.exe at the command-line, which suggests it is valid on some level here:

tdump64.exe ftd2xx64.a

Turbo Dump  Version Copyright (c) 1988-2016 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
                    Display of File ftd2xx64.a

Ar 32-bit unix archive file

------------ Member Headers -----------
ndx   member       offs      size      mode      uid   gid   time
0     ftd2xx64     834       1460      0         0     0     Jul  2 18:27:21 2020

------------ Symbols ----------- (93 entries)
ndx   name
member #0    ftd2xx64     offs=834       size=1460
0     FT_Close
1     FT_ClrDtr
2     FT_ClrRts
3     FT_ComPortCancelIdle
4     FT_ComPortIdle
5     FT_CreateDeviceInfoList
6     FT_CyclePort
7     FT_EEPROM_Program
8     FT_EEPROM_Read
9     FT_EE_Program


Now ideally I would like to dump all the entries listed within this import library symbol table as individual *.obj files. This should eventually allow me to them link them into another static library in my project ultimately allowing me to concatenate two libraries together. I have already managed to achieve this with a 32-bit import library using tlib.exe. For the 32-bit case I simply do something like this:

tlib.exe ftd2xx.lib *FT_ClrDtr

to extract FT_ClrDtr.obj from the import library file. I was expecting an entirely analagous procedure to work with TLIB64.exe on the 64-bit library ftd2xx64.a to extrac the object files, however I am having difficulties. What is odd is that TLIB64.exe via

TLIB64.exe /L ftd2xx64.a

completely fails to dump the import library symbol table to the terminal as expected, I just get

TLIB64 7.0 Copyright (c) 1987-2019 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Warning: no changes required; library will not be modified

This is despite the fact that tdump64.exe printed this previously without issue! Likewise when I call TLIB64.exe ftd2xx64.a *FT_Write this fails to dump any object files and I get

TLIB64 7.0 Copyright (c) 1987-2019 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Warning: 'FT_Write.o' not found in library
Warning: no changes required; library will not be modified

Can anyone please advise me what I am doing wrong here? What i think is odd, and likely suspicious is that TDUMP64.exe reports back saying that the import library i created with mkexp.exe is "Ar 32-bit unix archive file" when I was expecting this to be a 64 bit library since I created it with mkexp.exe and it has a *.a extension.

Kind Regards
Stephen Ellwood