Indy components fail to compile with Delphi 10.4.

I have project that compiled correctly in Delphi 10.3 Community and when trying to compile it in 10.4 Professional it fails.
The error occurs in the IdFTP statement in the uses and is as follows:

[DCC Fatal Error] _functions.pas(13): F2613 Unit 'System.Contnrs' not found.
_functions.pas(13): Unit 'System.Contnrs' is used by 'IdContainers'
_functions.pas(13): Unit 'IdContainers' is used by 'IdFTPList'
_functions.pas(13): Unit 'IdFTPList' is used by 'IdFTPListParseBase'
_functions.pas(13): Unit 'IdFTPListParseBase' is used by 'IdFTP'

Sorry I'm not sure if IDFTP belongs to Buildtools external components.
Thanks for the help and best regards.

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  • Yes, IdFTP is part of Indy (not Buildtools).

    The IdContainers unit uses the RTL's TObjectList class, which is indeed in the System.Contnrs unit, which should exist in 10.4 (see docs).  So either you have a bad/incomplete IDE installation, or the IDE's search paths are misconfigured.  Or something like that.

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