Is there a way to link .res and .dcr files to delphi compiled cbuilder packages so that the actual .res files do not need to be in library path?

I have C++Builder 10.4 installed and I am trying to recompile a third party component. I do not have the .cbproj project files for the component, but I can build the delphi package from command line and C++Builder usable .lib files are generated. I use static packages and libraries.

The problem I have is that if I link just against the generated static .lib file. Some .res and .dcr files are not found by the linker.  For previous version I did have cbuilder project file and I was able to add the missing .res files to the project and then they would be found by the linker. This allowed me not to have the res and .pas sources in the search path. Now that I use the delphi packages and have now way to edit the package file from the IDE, I seem not to be able to do that.

When looking at the .lib file with tdump, those .res files are included in the listing as:

2EF08E COMENT  Purge: No , List: Yes, Class: 251 (0FBh), SubClass: 9 (09h)
    Resource: ABCD.RES

I did try adding them as DCCReference lines to the project .dproj file and also as a {$R 'abcd.res'} line to the .dpk file.

So my question is is there a way to add the .res files to the .dproj project in a way that they get linked to the .lib file so they can be found by C++Builder liker?

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  • Thank you everybody. I think I will need to accept that I need to have the .dcr and .res files available to the C++Builder project. Not a huge problem, but it would have been cleaner to have the one lib which could be shared between developers.

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