TeeChart problem I am experiencing

I am converting a D XE to D 10.3 but running D XE app I am getting and AV on loading a DLL I cant track down.

App build in D XE with no errors...

Help please. Here is a small extract from of the AV info:

exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 0DCFC4ED in module 'Recall.dll'. Read of address 00000000.

main thread ($e9c):
0dcfc4ed +021 Recall.dll TeCanvas AddFontFromResource
0dcfc58c +00c Recall.dll TeCanvas DoAddFonts
0dcfc63e +03e Recall.dll TeCanvas AddCustomFonts
0e282f9a +02e Recall.dll TeCanvas initialization
0d257a7a +042 Recall.dll System 371 +0 InitUnits
0d257b66 +0c2 Recall.dll System 371 +0 @StartLib
77e34d0e +08e ntdll.dll LdrLoadDll
75830a29 +149 KERNELBASE.dll LoadLibraryExW
7582e4ec +00c KERNELBASE.dll LoadLibraryW
018c85af +063 M_SQL_70.exe Main 3022 +7 TMainForm.DynamicDLL
018ce480 +04c M_SQL_70.exe Main 4453 +5 TMainForm.Shedules1Click