delphi 10.4 Sydney, modelling, Contextmenues are empty

I have a problem with RadStudio 10.4 Sydney.

In the modellview i will generate a documention, but the Contextmenues are empty. (White text on white background????). I can't see any text, but if I click on it, something happens.


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  • This has definitely been the worst edition of RAD Studio, if there was anything worse than that!

    I would do the following test to assess your ecosystem:

    You can use the TRIAL versions for testing, there is no need for registration since the software gives you up to 30 days or more for testing:

    1 - Install only MSWindows on a VM (nothing but O.S)
    2 - Install RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney (nothing but the IDE)
    3 - Do some design tests using the IDE components (standard), then try to add your components for daily use

    In this way, you will evaluate the benefits and harms of this new edition.

    NOTE: For me, apart from editing bugs, your presentation is normal.
    - VM using a VirtualBox v6.12 with:
    - MSWindows 10 Enterprise build 1909 updated
    - RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney (build 9797)


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