[FMX] Changing the font color in a TLabel which is a child of TRectangle


I have a problem with font color change in TLabel object during runtime. I created my own component which is a descendant of TRectangle. In this component I've created a TLabel object. Class looks like this:

class TScarList : public TRectangle {
TLabel* lb;
__fastcall TScarList(TComponent* Owner){lb = new TLabel(this);lb->Parent = this; lb->Text = "Text"; lb->Align = TAlignLayout::Contents;}
void setLabelFontColor(TAlphaColor cl){lb->TextSettings->FontColor = cl}

Problem is, when I create at runtime TScarList object, and call setLabelFontColor(claRed), the font color of the TLabel isn't changing.

Do you know possible solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance