Error insigh highlights the wrong line in relatively large project?

I have a project with the several .pas files about 30 to 90 touthand lines of code. Error insight highlights to the wrong line if syntax is incorrect or misspelled.

For example.

procedure DemoCode;

var I: integer;


Edit1.Text:=I; //<- here is an error in this line. Line number 56879 for example.


Error insight will not highlight to the line with error. It will highlight somewhere else,

so this error I have to find manually.

In this case, error highlighter is useless.

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  • I switched to Delphi (Classic code insight)

    Well, then that is why it is not working for you.  The "classic" Error Insight has been broken (well, inaccurate) for a VERY long time, it is not going to give correct results for non-trivial examples.  That is one of the reasons why Embarcadero created the new LSP server in the first place.  The fact that the LSP server doesn't work for a "large project" is a secondary issue.

  • Well, then that is why it is not working for you

    Well, there is nothing to do with whether it works for me or not, but the fact is the fact. LSP Server sits in Task Manager, but not showing up in IDE, seems like it thinking than quits without notice.

    However I mentioned here at most, the "Error Insight" highlights a wrong line, like it shown on images, in the large "sample" project for over 4000 lines of code.