RAD Studio 10.4 Patch #2 corrupted

Hey guys,

My team and I have been trying to install Patch #2 via Getit, and we're getting checksum failures.

I haven't seen anything here on the forums about it, but this is affecting all our developers.

When we manually download the .zip file (10.4 Patch 2 (Delphi and RAD Enterprise), 7-Zip reports that the CRC checks for Patch2.zip fail:

Any ideas? Is Embarcadero aware of this?

Edit: I have posted in Embarcadero's JIRA as well, if anyone would like to vote for the issue:

Edit #2 (9 days later): The issue may have a solution in the works. Apparently the CDN for Australia could have a corrupt Patch 2 file. Patch 3 is not affected.