Registration limit increase help!!!!!


I changed my laptop and when i try  to register Delphi 10.3, I received a registration limit expiration report!!

So I went to the and filled out the form and the answer :

" We received your request to increase the registration limit for your serial number XXXXXXXXXXX. Unfortunately, there is not an active support and maintenance agreement for this license.

 Historically, Support provided limited support for activities such as changing registration limits as a courtesy. 

Going forward registration limit changes will need the approval of your Account Management Team, who are copied on this email response.  We are working to provide a more automated way to facilitate this service in the future or eliminate the need for it altogether.

Please, be advised that we will close this case #00XXXX.


What does this mean?

For this stupid limit I can't work and I don't understand how to solve.


  • Embarcadero changed their policy on bumping the registration limit (it's been awhile). As far as I know, now you can do this *only* if you have an active/current support agreement. So, essentially, it means you're cut off.

    Did you keep your old laptop, by any chance?
    Or, since you're at D10.3, maybe you still have a connection with a sales rep? Maybe he/she can help you.

    Beyond that, for future reference, do your next install into a virtual machine (eg: VirtualBox). Then, make backups of the machine and virtual drive files.