Missing components in 10.4

I am trying to upgrade to C++ Builder 10.4 to build a large legacy system.

Along with a couple of third-party products that do not yet support 10.4, there appear to be two C++ Builder components that are missing.

  1. There is no compatible BDE installer.  I know BDE is deprecated, but previous versions up to 10.3 have still provided an installer.  Will there be an installer for 10.4 as well, or do we have to remove our BDE code (probably a good idea, but will cost us).
  2. The TeeChart component is no longer present.  Is this still included?  The feature matrix at https://www.embarcadero.com/docs/rad-studio-feature-matrix.pdf says that it has been updated in 10.4 and there is an asterisk to indicate that it's available to download from the GetIt package manager, but it does not appear to be there yet.  Any idea when this will be available?