Trouble with Offline Installation for 10.4 Professional

First, I have the ISO image mounted with Daemon Tools Lite. In previous versions, the ISO image had an "Install" directory off the root. In it were lots of *.7zp files and a "setup.exe." In the 10.4 version I downloaded, there is a "radstudio_10_4.esd9979b.exe" and "radstudio_10_4.esd9979b.gof" in the root. There is no subdirectory. The size and name of the EXE are exactly the same as the web installer program. I know the installers have been "merged" to some degree, but I don't think the ISO image is right.

When starting the EXE with "run as administrator", I get an error message that the version of windows, 6.1.xxxxxx, is not supported and wailing and gnashing of teeth may follow. I'm using Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, confirmed by opening Control Panel | System.

I proceeded anyway and things appeared to go well, including Android and macOS libraries. As was said on an NPR program, "Then the murders started."

When trying to use the GetIt Manager and selecting, e.g., the 10.4.1 patch, I get an error message that the installation could not continue because the installer file was being used by another process (the Daemon Tools Lite mounting). So, I dismounted the image and tried again. Then the error was about a corrupted installation file, which was supposedly on the no-longer-available virtual drive for the ISO image.

Fortunately, I decided to install 10.4 _in addition to_ and not in place of 10.3. So all is not lost.

Any thoughts or suggestions that lead to a successful install will be greatly appreciated.

Brian Warner (not the Marilyn Manson one).

P.S. I have to use offline so that I can redirect the installation to something other than on the C:\ drive which is getting crowded because -every software package- installs -everything- on the C:\drive. Which brings up another point: in previous versions of the off-line installer, I could also change the directories for Samples and common files. The installer I ran allowed only changing the directory where the core files would go.