Missing Fast Report 4 libs for XE3

Hi All,

I have just reinstalled my XE3 and I'm trying to compile my project which uses FastReport 4 components but I'm getting:

"Unable to find static library frxe17.lib" and a bunch of other FR4 libs are missing too.

I don't know why but they are missing from XE3, although the visual components are there and their properties can be set.

 I have searched my HDD thinking there are somewhere, but not.

I have asked for FR libs at the vendor , they 've sent me FR ver. 6 but they cause exception with my project.

Asked again for FR ver 4 at the vendor but they claim they don't have "old" FR4 install, blah, blah blah bullshit.

Do you guys maybe have the following files in your XE3 folders?:


Would anyone care to  send them to me please?

best regards