Cannot reinstall Delphi XE5

After a Windows Desktop Dell 5810 crash I was forced to reinstall Windows 7 64b  and all my sw. When I reinstalled RAD Studio Delphi XE5 I got an error message.

I was brought to an Embarcadero page with message "Your Embarcadero product or license can’t be validated.".

Further investigation, by means of an article from the same Embarcadero page, let me see that BDS.exe certificate result to be expired. The link to solve by Microsoft support where obsolete and cannot be read, so now I am stuck without any possibility to restore Delphi XE5. This is a big problem for me and I have no idea how to solve it.

I googled for hours without finding a real solution. So I ask if someone may help me with an hint to find a way to come out from this error.

I opened a support ticket that suggested to check if the windows 7 function on "Control Panel". Turn off Automatic Root Certificates Update was disabled, to allow a sort of automatic update of expired certificates. The configuration was correct, on my computer, but no automatic updates occurred. So even that way was without result.

Of course I have a valid XE5 license.