Maximum 3 registrations

I used Delphi many years ago and have decided to team up with another developer and get back into programming. So we set everything up, did some research and decided that Delphi would be a good fit because, in part, they give you the option to develop your software before having to commit to the license fee. 

We planned everything, and the day my partner sat down to install Delphi, he was told that he had already registered it 3 times and cannot register it again. Funny enough he has never actually written a line of code in Delphi but has always been curious about it, and finally decided to commit at my recommendation. He reached out to support and was told that he has already registered it three times, and that they wouldn't allow him to register it again, and that the case was closed.

Is this 3 registration limit normal? If so, that is rather troubling, as we could spend months developing an app, and then lose all ability to carry on developing it simply because one of our computers crash. 

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