GetIt cannot download packages today

I've just used the "web" installer for RS 10.3.2 to install the tools to a new Win 10 64bit machine. I also applied several hot fixes (but not the run-time compatibility fixes). The IDE feels Ok.

Now, I want the KSVC package. I find it in GetIt, say Install. I accept the license agreement and the yes/no prompt about having to restart the IDE after the install.

The install begins, saying Loading EULAS, Installing Library "Bonus KSVC ..."

Then, I see, Downloading Library with a red X, and below that "Internal check error."

In the registry I see this GetIt address:

Since most of what I need to do depends on the Kronopka Components, I'm at a standstill.

As I check, I attempted to install the Abrevia tool, with the same poor result.

What is going on, Embarcadero?