Bad install with 10.3

Hi! Just installed 10.3 but cannot do anything!??
- Old projects from Builder v10 don't compile because of .h files invoked several times (as if my numerous ifndefs didn't work)
- A new VCL project built from scratch fails because vclPCH.h can't be found (I don't know where to add this include path...)

Any ideas?

  • I'm trying to install a component package (Graphics32) that was easy to install in 10.2.3 without problems.

    In 10.3 I always get a strange error: "Registration procedure .... in package ... raised exception class EcomponentError: <NoMessage>"

    The same BPL library installs ok in 10.2.3.

    What's happening? Are there any changes in 10.3 related to component libraries?

    I have also the source code, but it's in Delphi, and I'm unable to recompile in C++Builder 10.3 because the related "personality" (Delphi) is missing

    in the Community edition ... so I'm blocked.

    Can anybody help me?


    Artist of Haomen Tianjia Qianqi here at Mangazuki

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