Interbase ToGo installing/licensing

Which version of InterBase IBToGo are you using on your development machine? XE7 or 2017?

How did you register your IBLite and IBToGo Test Deployment S/N? Did you use the instructions for IBLite license registration documented at [url=] Make sure you are using a XE7 license S/N if using IBToGo XE7 s/w. This license file will allow you to install on all platforms where IBToGo can run without limits on deployment.

Once you downloaded the license file from registering above, have you been able to deploy the application to a PAServer on some Windows machine? This will validate that the license file and packing are all good. Then, it is a matter of validating the files packaged and deployed to Android.

Which version of Android are you deploying to? Which device? I am assuming only 32-bit.