ANN: Find leaks in Delphi and C++ with Deleaker

Hi Developers,

Deleaker was created in 2006, and is been support Visual Studio from the very first release.

Now it's time to find leaks in Delphi and C++ Builder.

Deleaker finds memory leaks, leaks of GDI and USER32 resources, handles and many others.

Deleaker fully integrates with RAD Studio. Here the official announcement:

Let's look how it works!

Download Deleaker and launch it. Now you can select versions of RAD Studio you want Deleaker to integrate with. Of course, RAD Studio Rio 10.3 is supported:

Deleaker is installed, let's launch Delphi:

Great, Deleaker is here:

Let's add some leaks:

Start debugging, click the button, exit. Deleaker is taking a snapshot:

Two leaks are shown as expected. It's easy to navigate to source of a leak:

Happy coding!