[FireDAC][Phys][PG][libpq] ERROR: Column d.adsrc does not exist


with Postgresql 12 I get an Error at:

FDConnection1.GetFieldNames('', 'public', 'benutzer', '', oList);

Server Version: 12

Client Version: 11.3 (32bit)

Delphi Rio 10.3.2

Can someone confirm this error?

Greetings Chris

  • I know everyone has been avoiding answering you because they don't want to get into the "You haven't been supplying enough information , so we can't answer your question" "Then why the hack are you replying?" situation, but I 'll just try my luck to see if I'd get the finger for telling you: "No one can answer your question for sure as you have not been providing enough information for a proper investigation of the problem."

    Anyway, as a long time DAC user (MyDAC and recently FireDAC), if you see this error message, there are a few things you can try:

    1) Check if the field is indeed intact in the table it should resides.

    2) Check your Query (if you are using a query) that you have not been excluding the said field in you query, but then you thought you have included it and trying to access a non-existing field.

    3) Make sure the DataSet (TFDTable or TFDQuery) you have linked to your activities (could be a Master-Detail link, or another DataSet trying to access the said table with missing field) is, Active (Opened). 99% of the time when I was facing a problem like this and I am 1000000% sure I have a table with said column (field) perfectly intact, I am trying (or the DAC itself is trying) to access a particular column in a closed DataSet.

    When a particular Column (Field) in an inactive table is being access, you will get this very ambiguous error message.

    See, I have been using a lot of guessing and a lot of IF in my answer because you have not been providing enough information (Code related, SQL statement related, screenshots, etc). Programmers don't like guessing works.

  • Thanks Darren,

    I created an issue. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-26525

    It looks like a bug cause postgres 11.5 is working. Column d.adsrc come from firedac, it is not a cloumn from my table.

    So, take a FDConnection to a POSTGRES12 database and run this code:

    FDConnection1.GetFieldNames('', 'public', 'yourtable', '', oList);

    greetings chris