A couple of weeks ago, we launched RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo. On the heels of the release, the PM team is working on an updated roadmap for calendar year 2017/2018.


As we are finalizing our roadmap plans, we would like to get your feedback through our 2017 RAD Studio developer survey. Getting your input is very valuable to us as it allows us to validate the features and technologies we are looking to add to the product over the next 12-18 months.


Click the button below to participate in our annual developer survey. This survey is open until April 25th, 2017.

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In anticipation of the actual roadmap being available (anticipated in the next couple of weeks), we wanted to also share the themes that we’ve defined for calendar year 2017/2018. The actual roadmap will be a lot more detailed.

To summarize, here are the key features introduced in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo:

  • Delphi Linux compiler for server application development

  • Improved IDE menus for faster navigation

  • A host of FireMonkey multi-device updates and new features

  • New TDataSet capabilities for editing data at design time

  • Multi-tenancy support in RAD Server  

  • Updates to FireDAC with new and improved database capabilities    

  • A number of cross platform runtime library enhancements, including Linux file system support, App Tethering enhancements and more

  • Improvements to our SOAP support

  • Greatly improved compiled C++ performance and linker improvements


In the past few months, we also delivered new VCL controls and QuickEdit designers, along with the first IDE to support Windows 10 Store deployment via the Desktop Bridge (introduced in Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition).

Linux C++ support is in progress and targeted for the 10.2.1 release.


Key Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 2017/2018 product themes:

  • Linux Server Application Support for Enterprise Application Development

  • Platform support for latest OS versions

  • Expanded native controls support for multi-device development

  • Enhanced Windows 10 platform features

  • Delphi and C++ Language Features

  • IDE Improvements

  • RAD Server Enhancements - security, web architectures


Our upcoming updated roadmap will provide a lot of details on each of the themes listed above, plus key research areas the PM and R&D teams are looking at for the future.


The goal of this post was to provide you with a glimpse of what we are working on in advance of the updated roadmap being available. Your feedback in our survey will also help us finalize our plans.


Please note that themes and features are not committed until completed and GA released.



The PM team would love to hear from you on our roadmap themes and future plans, and what features are important to you. Please feel free to reach out to us using the email addresses below:

  • Marco dot cantu at embarcadero.com
  • David dot millington at embarcadero.com
  • Sarina dot dupont at embarcadero.com

- RAD Studio Product Management Team: Marco Cantu, Sarina DuPont, David Millington

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  • How long you will ignore that BLE still not worked in Win10. Many users want to create Apps for Microsoft Store but you can`t discover not paired devices! Exist new API that give it but you work about Linux servers !
  • what's the point in asking, if EMB does what it wants and not looking at what it's users NEED? me and MANY others ask for BiDi\Right-To-Left support since XE2\2012 (!!!) and you STILL don't care about 1.5 BILLION people! and don't tell you add what your users ask, because there are many things you added and NOBODY asked! i know of 4 small companies that abandoned EMB and Firemonkey only because of that. do you really think not adding such a trivial thing as BiDi support in FM and ditching 1.5 BILLION people will bring you more users ????
  • This is not listed above (I will look at the Survey) but would it be possible to support all Android based devices, even those not with an ARM7 NEON processor? This is a real issue for us to have a significant number of high-class devices not compatible. Thanks.
  • I hope we can see a lot of Windows 10 improvements. I would love to eventually be able to make Windows 10 Mobile apps with Delphi.