Earlier this week, Apple released the new version of iOS, iOS 12. We’ve been testing iOS 12 with 10.2 Tokyo Release 3 and the 10.3 Carnival Beta. 
What we support with RAD Studio 10.2.3 today:
  • Building applications that can run on iOS 12 devices using the iOS 11 SDK and Xcode 9.x
The new SDK and Xcode version are not supported at this time.
What we plan to support for the new iOS 12 with RAD Studio 10.3:
  • Targeting iOS 12 devices using the iOS 12 SDK and Xcode 10
We are adding support for the new Apple and Google mobile OS releases in 10.3 and allowing customers who need them to use the 10.3 beta to meet those requirements.
As a way of providing early support to our customers on Update Subscription, we invite you to join our 10.3 Carnival Beta program. If you are on Update Subscription and haven't received an invite to join the 10.3 NDA Beta, please contact your Embarcadero sales representative.
With a coming 10.3 beta build, we’ll provide support for targeting iOS 12 with the latest SDK and Xcode version. Although the usual beta restrictions do not allow for building and deploying production apps, the coming beta will have a special EULA provision allowing you to deploy (production) iOS apps to the Apple App Store. This is the same approach we’ve taken to allow beta testers to build and deploy Android apps with the new API level 26 or later requirement.
Being able to participate in our Beta program is one of the great benefits of Update Subscription. You can check how many days you have remaining on your Update Subscription using the License Manager.
We also plan to support building 32-bit apps that can run on macOS Mojave in 10.3 and in a coming beta build.
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  • Serena, this is all good and well to have this explanation but for people who's update subscription ended with 10.2 update 1, and cant target anything above Android api level 14, basically means in a 2 months my Android app will be blocked by Google until I buy the new Delphi, which hopefully will be ready for this by then, but since even that has no definate date yet on when 10.3 will be launching I seriously think its only fair of Embarcadero to release a patch of some kind to allow us to target Android 24+ at least. Targeting iOS12 isnt a critical thing since we can all still manage quite okay on iOS 10 and 11 targeted apps. The Android api lvl 14 thing is a critical issue which seem to have no solution and no priority from Embarcadero ??
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