When RAD Studio 10.3 Rio applications are executed on Android 9, you get an intermittent error due the call of a restricted API. As an example, this is reported at https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23008:

The issue is a call to a restricted platform API in FireMonkey, we are looking forward to remove in a future release.

There is a fairly simple workaround. The message is not displayed to the user (but only in the internal logcat) if you modify the TargetVersion parameter in the AndroidManifest XML file, setting it to TargetVersion = 28:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="%minSdkVersion%" android:targetSdkVersion="28" /

If you have an existing 10.3 Rio project for Android and you want to target Android 9 Pie, you should update the manifest file accordingly.

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  • This version is very optimized to Android. I created android virtual device and all android version in AVD error while run error: Unable to create process: Performing Streamed Install. expressing support: Virtual Android devices (Android emulators) are not certified to work with Rad Studio. It will be necessary to connect to the Android device with the associated USB Debugging Driver in order to develop Android mobile applications.

    So why install the Android ADV manager with the official installation of RAD Studio?

    Delphi is a step backwards and something that delphi doesn't work? Why are they not supported? And when will it be fixed?
  • It's very disappointing, that the refreshing problem for devices with older (5.1.1) Android versions remains unsolved. We are unable to develop any Androd Apps, not even updates.
    We are losing our customers, and I'm getting now the answer, that the ticket (RSP-23218) is planned to be solved in the next major release (Steve Axtell) in the second half of 2019! 
    If Embarcadero makes fatal errors in Rio, it's to be solved ASAP. The Roadmap should be override. I cannot accepts an answer, that You don't have devices with Android 5. Buy one or we can send You.

    If we could, would ignore Rio, but the min. required SDK version of 26 let ius work with Rio, which seems to be the worst update since years.

  • ... but when you use TMapView - this "fairly simple workaround" is useless