We've released a number of patches for RAD Studio 10.3.3. To ensure you know about all of them, and can install correctly, here is a list and some overview information. If we release any others, we'll update this blog post with details.

Last updated:
2020-02-25 with 'Localized compilers in RAD Studio and C++Builder 10.3.3' and 'Linker error using the sensor components for Android in RAD Studio 10.3.3' (see Workarounds section)
2020-02-26 with RAD Studio 10.3.3 Midas.dll Patch and Delphi 10.3.3 Open Array Patch

When we release a patch, we have a download containing the files and a readme with installation instructions. To ensure you know about the patch, we also blog about it. The blogs also sometimes contain extra contextual information - the readme might have installation instructions, but the blog post might explain why those instructions are the way they are, for example, or it might discuss some other aspect of the patch. We always recommend keeping our blog feed in your bookmarks, because entirely aside from patches, we regularly post about other useful or interesting material.

In addition, we list all patches in the Platform Status documentation for each release. While we traditionally blog about patches or hotfixes, we are now aiming to make this the canonical reference and contains historical information for the current and past releases as well. You can read about RAD Studio 10.3.3's patches here.

RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10.3.3 was released on 21st November 2019 (2019-11-21 in ISO 8601 format.) If you have an active update subscription, you can install via the web installer (recommended) or the offline ISO installer. After installing, apply the patches.

10.3.3 Patches

In chronological order, the patches are:

  1. RAD Studio 10.3.3 iOS 13 Dark Theme Patch
    Read the iOS 13 blog post, or directly download the patch.
  2. C++Builder 10.3.3 iOS Linking Patch
    Read the iOS13 blog post, or directly download the patch.
  3. RAD Studio Localization Patch
    Read the IDE and Localization blog post, or download the patch depending on your language: French/German, and Japanese. These are split up based on download size; you can install both if you need to.
  4. RAD Studio 10.3.3 IDE and VCL Patch
    Read the IDE and Localization blog post, or directly download the patch.
  5. Delphi 10.3.3 Android Debugger Patch
    Read the Android 64-bit Debugger blog post, or directly download the patch.
  6. RAD Studio 10.3.3 Android Services Patch
    Read the Android Services Patch blog post, or directly download the patch.
  7. RAD Studio 10.3.3 Indy Server SSL Certificate Patch
    Read the Indy Server SSL Certificate Patch blog post, or directly download the patch.
  8. RAD Studio iPhone XS and XR Debugging Patch
    Read the iPhone XS and XR Debugging Patch blog post, or directly download the patch.
  9. C++Builder Threading and TLS patch
    Read the Threading and TLS Patch blog post, or directly download the patch.
  10. RAD Studio 10.3.3 Midas.dll Patch
    Read the RAD Studio 10.3.3 Midas.dll Patch blog post (blog also discusses the below Open Array patch) or directly download the patch.
  11. Delphi 10.3.3 Open Array Patch
    Read the Delphi 10.3.3 Open Array Patch blog post (blog also discusses the above Midas patch) or directly download the patch.

We have a number of recommendations for you when you install patches, which we discussed in a prior blog post.

Other Fixes

The following are issues we have a workaround for, but do not plan to release a patch:

Quality in Each Release

We work hard to ensure RAD Studio is useful for you, and that includes timely fixes for any issues that are discovered after release. Make sure you have update subscription, so that you have access to each point release, which includes many new features and quality fixes - 10.3.3, for example, fixed over 180 issues you reported, as well as adding some great new features including Delphi Android 64-bit. Update Subscription allows you to stay up to date, and is well worth it.

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  • Also updated my list at: https://github.com/ideasawakened/DelphiKB/wiki/Delphi-Master-Release-List   (I've been meaning to go back to work on 10.2 but haven't had a chance.)

    The number of updates sent out by Embarcadero since 10.3 was first released in November 2018 until now is quite impressive.  One could argue that the number of patches demonstrate poor release quality - however, the reality is that there are bugs in all software and it's very important how you respond to the bugs which slip through.  That is a positive change to be recognized.  As well as the three major updates to Delphi 10.3 Rio during this last year.  Keep it up!