In RAD Studio 10.3.1, we've added two new really useful productivity tools to the IDE, which improve navigation: finding your code, and moving around within your code. These were previously third-party tools that were very popular with thousands of Delphi and C++Builder developers, and which we're glad to integrate into the IDE itself to bring these useful features to every customer today.

These features are provided via GetIt: open the Tools menu and choose GetIt Package Manager, and then once it's loaded click the IDE Plugins section on the left. Or, you can use the search box to locate and install them. There are two, Bookmarks and Navigator, and this post discusses Bookmarks.


When you code, one very common thing is to move around in a unit between a few related places, to compare code or write code in multiple areas. The IDE has allowed you to do this viaits bookmark feature for many years, which allows you to mark a location by number 0-9 and which is then shown by a small yellow marker in the editor gutter (the area to the left of the code, where breakpoints etc are located.) To do create a marker, press Ctrl+Shift+[number], eg Ctrl+Shift+1, and then to jump back to it from anywhere else in the same unit, press Ctrl+[number], eg Ctrl+1. Note that 0 is not always available due to Windows settings for that keyboard shortcut, and there are also Wordstar shortcuts for this if you use them too.

This feature had a number of ways it could be improved, not least of which is that after setting half a dozen bookmarks, you might forget which one you've set, and overwrite one. For that matter, there was no list of bookmarks, so no easy way to see where they were and which were set, and it was limited to only nine or ten locations accessible by the keyboard.

The new bookmarks in RAD Studio 10.3.1 resolve these and add a number of useful features that help you move around your unit.