Only the first template will be auto-opened after installing a GUI template, but you can access the other two templates by navigating to C: \ Users \ Public Documents \ Embarcadero \ Studio \ 19.0 \ Samples \ Object Pascal \ Login Screens


Login Screen #1 

Shown: FireUI Master view with custom Emerald Crystal macOS style applied


Shown: FireUI iPhone 4.7" view with custom Emerald Crystal iOS style applied



Login Screen #2


Shown: FireUI Master view with custom Copper Dark Windows style applied


Shown: FireUI Android 5" phone view with custom Emerald Crystal Android style applied



Login Screen #3

Shown: FireUI Android 5" phone view with custom Diamond Android style applied


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  • Hello Sarina,  i am using Delphi 10.3.1.  From the GETIT Manager i want to install the "Fire Monkey UI Templates - Login Screens". Default installation directory is "delphi 10.3\samples\Object Pascal\Login Screens". But after the installation I got an Error Message that the ReadMe File not found and no Template opened automaticly, The installation directory is empty. What can be wrong?

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