There are some nice new features in RAD Studio 10.2.2 for IDE startup and first use.


When Delphi and C++Builder start, you see a splash screen - a loading screen - as the IDE starts.  This lists all the packages, plugins, and component libraries it has installed.

One common request has been to add a progress bar here, and in 10.2.2 we've done so.

In this screenshot, you can see the progress bar: the small white line close to the bottom of the splash screen. 


If you are used to an older version of RAD Studio, that above animated GIF may seem to load very fast, to you.  It is an accurate recording, however - from splash screen appearing to IDE opening is 9 seconds on my VM.  10.1 Berlin, on the same VM and as a "warm" start, takes 16 seconds.  This is means 10.2.2 starts up in 56% of the time - twice as fast.

Welcome Page and Startup Layout

When you start the IDE, you initially see the Welcome Page - a window displaying links to create or open projects, as well as recent and favorite projects.

In 10.2.2 this is expanded. We've added a section displaying key samples - these are populated from GetIt, and so clicking one will download and open it automatically. These, favorites and recent projects are all listed in one column: when you have a clean install, since there are no recent or favorite projects they are at the top.  As you open projects and use the IDE more, seeing samples is less important and so they move down the screen. Favorites are also now at the top; in previous versions, they were away on the bottom left corner.

We've also added two new feeds: upcoming events, such as webinars.  These are often in multiple timezones and so you will see an entry per timezone, so you can join the one that's most convenient for you.  We also list the recent uploads to our Youtube channel.  We upload a lot of content to Youtube and we hope it's all interesting to you!  Showing it here is meant to make it more visible, the aim being that you might open the IDE and see something interesting we've posted, or an interesting technical session, webinar, or other event coming up that is valuable for you to join.

Startup Layout

The IDE has the concept of layouts.  These are predefined sets of which windows are visible and open, and you can edit them yourself - there is a toolbar to the right of the menu bar listing all layouts.  For example, when debugging, the IDE uses the Debug Layout (unless you've specified it to use a different one) which opens the debug windows.

We have a new layout, the Startup Layout.  This minimizes all tool windows and just shows the Welcome screen, since with the possible exception of the File Manager or the Palette, which shows projects but we find is rarely used to create a new project, no tool windows are useful until you actually have something open.  The moment you do open something - a project, or even a file - the IDE will switch to the Default layout.

This can be thought of as a state machine, applying layout based on a transition between no files/projects open, files or projects open, and debugging.  The first element is what's new in 10.2.2.

You'll also notice that documentation now has its own tab, making it easier to browse docs right from inside the IDE on par with code editing.

We hope you find this useful, especially the increased communication and visibility of events and Youtube content!


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  • Did anyone actually ask for this anti-feature? As well as consuming bandwidth even on mobile, it has the habit of becoming the active tab when I close all units. I have been using Delphi for 22 years. I don't need "documentation" shoved in my face.

    What I do want to be able to do is immediately open another project from my favourites WITHOUT having to change tabs, like I did in D2007. A more lightweight Welcome page would be welcome as well.

  • I like the "Welcome Page", but don't need more tabs when I have a lot of units open. "Documentation" should be an item on the menu bar across the top of the Welcome Page (like tutorials) instead of its own tab. Need an option to permanently hide or disable "Upcoming Events" and "YouTube Videos". Why not put those on the menu bar as well with load on demand? That would provide more room for "Favorites" and "Recent".
  • Here's how to GET RID OF THE WELCOME SCREEN - And a bunch of other stuff too. Ugh - finally. And it was easier than expected. I hope that helps someone.
  • Mine just spin as well. I'll bet my mobile data is being consumed by this. If so, that's a big problem for me.
  • I have to agree with you. My welcome page is not welcome at all. The Upcoming Events, YouTube Videos etc. sections just sit there spinning and are probably consuming my mobile data. I also can't find out how to always have my custom layout loaded automatically. I'm also dead against changing settings in various Delphi files. It just adds to the pain should you need to reinstall everything as I had to do two days ago.
  • Ugh! There has to be a way to get rid of the stupid welcome screen. I have zero use for it. When I need information I go elsewhere anyway... except in this case = when I need information to get rid of it. I tried setting the Default Layout.dst file to something else as Alain has suggested (read above). No change. It still loads. Anyone else have any luck on this issue? Thanks people...
  • @Alain - well... that makes anything I do 'next' use the layout I prefer. But the Welcome screen still appears every single time I run the compiler. There is absolutely nothing I will ever need in the welcome screen. It is just flat out annoying. Got any other ideas on how to stop it from being loaded? Short of hacking the software... and hey. That works too I suppose.
  • Hello, has anybody changed the Welcome page to remove/hide the upcoming events and the youtube video's Any help in this is welcome as I don't want to fiddle too much with the html files
  • @Christian, go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 and rename Default Layout.dst to something like Default Layout - org.dst and then rename your layout to Default Layout.dst
  • You can get rid of most of the annoying stuff of the Welcome Page by tweaking the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\Welcomepage\en\default.htm leaving me with only Favorites and Recent.
  • I have been using Delphi since Delphi 1 days. I have seen this product go through many metamorphoses. Some good, some not so good. It always puzzles me that the customers are NEVER consulted regarding new changes that the developers of RAD Studio (as it is known as today). I agree with many comments and views that you want a completely un-cluttered start page. No-one needs, tutorials, video feeds, documentation, etc... on the main 'desktop'. We, as developers, want to get on with coding! If we want other features, then hook then up in some menu away from the working environment. One of the most irritating aspects of RAD Studio 10.2.2 is that you now it has been decided that the new startup layout is invoked on startup. To make matters worse, each time you load a project or create a new one, the 'Default' layout is invoked!! The custom layouts that I have created now have to be invoked manually!! No Good!! All you want to see on the welcome page are your recent and favourite projects - NOTHING ELSE!! So, Embarcadero, please un-clutter out workspace!!!!! Other than these aspects it's still one of the greatest development products on the market. Christian.
  • On mine, both the upcoming events and youtube links are two orbiting circles, with nothing coming up. Everywhere else the net works except on the welcome page. In any case I do not miss these pages. Though I may like to see these now and then
  • FWIW, that looks like a bug. They should have set the width style too.
  • This was answered in the public forums (, IDE group) a few days ago. Edit the documentation.htm file **for your language**, in my case in the "en" subdirectory (NOT the file in the welcompage directory, but the file in the subdirectory) of the welcomepage "directory". Simply add a line with "$("#load_html").css("width","100%");" under the line "$("#load_html").css("height",(height)+"px");". That should set the width of the contents to 100% of the outer frame.