Hey, folks, I have some good news — I’ve dropped the prices on my books all across the board.

This post from a few months ago has been updated with the new pricing.

A few things to note:

I’m giving dollar prices here, but the prices have also been lowered for Euros and British Pounds on Amazon. CreateSpace no longer appears to sell books directly, so I removed those links. Coding in Delphi‘s price doesn’t appear to have updated right away on Amazon.  The new price is $24.99. Hopefully it will update soon. More Coding in Delphi is now $29.99 Dependency Injection in Delphi is now $19.99 The Coding in Delphi Bundle on LeanPub is now $39.99 The Nick’s Delphi Book Bundle on LeanPub is now $49.99

These are not temporary price drops — they are permanent.

As always, I am very grateful to everyone who has and will buy my books.

  • Nick I keep the three books next to my desk, I really enjoy them. I am sure I am not the first to suggest this but they could all be combined into a dynamite book. They flow very naturally and you could augment the discussion of Spring4d in the second book with the text from the third. Anyway, they are all great (I think I ordered a couple of copies of one or two since I misplaced them).