Would you like to add C++ to your Delphi application? Or add Delphi code to your C++ application? Here's how.

 One thing you might not know is how closely integrated the C++ and Delphi languages are in RAD Studio. You can compile a single application in a single project to a single EXE, mixing both languages. (And of course you can do so using DLLs or packages as well.) If you use C++Builder, this is useful to add Delphi-implemented libraries. If you use Delphi, you might want to use portions of C++ to take advantage of C++ libraries, or perhaps the LLVM optimizer. 

For CodeRage XI (2016), I gave a presentation on mixing Delphi and C++ code.  The talk is online, but this blog post also discusses how to mix the two and also gives source code.