On this webinar we learned how to migrate from older editions of Delphi with some stories of what to look for and how to update your code (including tools and resources to help you along the way)

This webinar focused on these three areas for migrating legacy Delphi to the current Delphi version: 
* Migrating 3rd Party Components / Libraries 
* Migrating Unicode 
* Migrations of Database and Middleware 

In this webinar, we looked at and learn how to:
* Use the new Getit Package Manager to allow you to browse, download, purchase, and install GetIt packages into the current Delphi version. 
* Use the Tech Partner Directory to find 3rd party libraries. 
* Use the Unicode Statistics Tool, to estimate time and effort for the Unicode migration 
* Modify non-Unicode code to Unicode for Delphi char, Read, String, Pointer, Length, MultiByteToWideChar, etc. 
* Migrate the Borland Database Engine (BDE) to FireDAC for SQL databases. 
* Move from MIDAS to DataSnap 
* Convert Your VCL to FireMonkey using Mida –VCL to FireMonkey Convertor

Benefits gained by migrating to current 10.1 Berlin version:

  • more sales,
  • new features in your application,
  • new platforms,
  • new markets and more happy users. 

10.1 Berlin gives you Business benefits:

  •  Greater Reach for your Applications - The reach allows you to reach more users, more platforms.
  •  International audiences with Unicode.
  • More platforms with OS X, iOS and Android.
  • Reach more memory on Windows with 64-bits support.
  • Reach more cores with the parallel programming library.

Let me first mention Embarcadero has created a new Migration and Upgrade Center Web page. This Upgrade and Migration Center is here to help you navigate your migration from older editions to the newer current editions.


We really want to know how you are doing with your legacy Delphi and C++ Builder migrations, so please try using the “Talk to Migration Specialist today" button, that will get you in contact with an Embarcadero resource to help with your migration and help answer any migration questions J



The web page focuses on these 4 main areas of Migration; Unicode, Migrating to 64bit, Migrations of Database and Middleware, and Migrating 3rd Party Components / Libraries, with each section providing tools and resources to help with your legacy code migration.





Migrating 3rd Party Components / Libraries 

One of the first questions to ask when migrating legacy Delphi code is:  What 3rd party libraries and /or components are you using in your older Delphi projects?
The 3rd party plug-ins (libraries) need to be rebuilt in the current Delphi version. Having the source code makes this easier. You will need to re-compile your 3rd party components / libraries from older Delphi using the current Delphi 10.1 version so the components and libraries can be used in current Delphi projects.


Any 3rd party components / libraries without the source code may need updated versions for the current Delphi 10.1 version.
To help you find legacy  3rd Party Components / Libraries start with this link for some of the third party components available with RAD Studio   
Here, you can find all the tools and components that have a version for the current Delphi 10.1 Berlin.  Check the Delphi 10.1 Berlin box., for all Platforms, all Industries, all Categories, and all Countries.  Click Search.  Over 160 (163) tools and components get returned.  Good chance you will find your 3rd party component / library to be used in the current 10.1 version of Delphi or C++ Builder!
 The current Delphi includes the new Getit Package Manager to allow you to browse, download, purchase, and install GetIt packages into the current Delphi version. GetIt currently includes 31 of the popular free packages such as libraries, components, IDE extensions, and SDKs, like Open Source “TurboPack” Components, JEDI Visual Component Library, etc., certified to work in the current Delphi version!
The New GetIt Package Manager includes:
  • ·       common open source libraries
  • ·       Free 3rd Party Libraries
  • ·       Add-in frameworks, like JEDI, etc.
  • ·       TurboPower libraries
  • ·       Quick and Easy install and uninstall
  • ·       New libraries frequently added.
How to use GetIt Package Manager video: