While trying to deploy your FireMonkey application on iOS you might see the error message

Unable to launch process on '' using the parameters from the 'MacBookPro' profile.

The following error was returned: 'Can't start debugserver on device - device support image was not mounted.'


On your macOS computer you need to open Xcode and it will update debug support for the device. There was probably an update somewhere since you last had Xcode open.

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  • Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn'r.
    Best of all to power down and restart the iPhone, start XCode and show the Devices & simulators tab.
    After rebooting iPhone, and connecting to the Mac, in the XCode window you will se a short yellow windows preparing the debug image.
    Then this usually works.

    Unfortunately< this yellow "cleaning" message does not always appear, for me this seems also depending from device to device (iPhone 6, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPad, ...).
    If XCode starts an app, this always works, but also doesn't always prepare the debug image for RadStudio right.
    Maybe the XCode app has to be generated for all possible older SDKs as well.
    Sometimes it works after update iOS and XCode, as Patrick notes, sometimes not.
    I hope that there could be a more reliable workaround for this, that helps to solve this issue 100%.

  • Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn't:

  • You actually need to go to the Devices window and then connect your devices one by one until XCode finishes cleaning up his stuff. Then the debugger will launch without problems.

  • Sometimes the reason is an old Xcode and an updated iOS device. Getting last compatible Xcode for the good iOS can solve this too.