The RAD Server Field Service Template utilizes a RAD Server based REST server module for the server side. On the admin side there is a FireMonkey based desktop client for adding, viewing, and managing appointments. Additionally, the admin client allows you to manage parts inventory and do user administration. The offline capable cross platform client app is built in FireMonkey and it can be deployed to Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. There is a single codebase and single UI. It allows you to view pending and completed appointments, map their locations, and mark them as completed. You can also view parts inventory and receive local notifications when new appointments are synced from the server. Both LiveBindings and FireDAC are used extensively through the Field Service Template to provide a low code solution.

The Field Service Admin project is built in RAD Studio Delphi using FireMonkey (FMX). The Admin app connects to RAD Server on the backend via a REST API. You should be able to log into the Admin area by selecting a Branch ID (Tenant ID) plus entering the login and password for a user in the Managers Group. For this template the default user is manager1.

Be sure to configure the EMS_SERVER and EMS_PORT const in uMainForm.pas to point at your development server. The default is localhost 8080.

The Branch ID is stored with each data table so each branch will only see its own set of appointments, parts, and users. Each branch has its own users and groups as well. The Branch system is built on top of the Tenant functionality in RAD Server.

As of the time of this writing you can get a single site license for RAD Server with RAD Studio Enterprise and you can get a multi-site license for RAD Server with RAD Studio Architect edition.