As I am sure many of you have heard by now, Paweł Głowacki, our Technical Lead for Developer Tools in EMEA passed away. You may know him online from all his training, blogging, webinars and his recently published book. He spent over 7 years working as a senior consultant and trainer for Delphi within Borland Education Services and CodeGear. In addition to working with Embarcadero customers across the region, he represents Embarcadero internationally as a conference and seminar speaker.

Pawel Programming

Expert DelphiI was working with Pawel to produce a series of webinars when the morning of the webinar I was unable to get ahold of him. Since we work in distributed offices it took a while to track him down. Everyone was immediately concerned when we were unable to get ahold of him since it was so unlike Pawel. He was always so reliable, and so excited about everything he does. Once we had the unfortunate news, we wanted to give his family time to grieve, not to mention the fact we were all in shock about it. 

You can get a copy of his book Expert Delphi online still. I have a physical copy, although I never got a chance to get it signed from Pawel. 

We decided to collect many of our farewell messages together into a single blog post. It is so sad to see Pawel go. Words really can't express our loss. I am grateful to his family for sharing Pawel with us, the developer community at large, as we are all better people because of it. 

Feel free to leave your farewell to Pawel in the comments. 

Adeus meu caro amigo

"Oramos para que a família tenha serenidade e forças para superar este momento, e que ao final, fiquem somente as boas lembranças de nosso querido e especial Pawel."

- Fernando, Cristiane, Pedro and João.

Ao Pawel

Pawel faz parte de um histórico de pessoas que admirei e partiu sem que eu tivesse a oportunidade de conhecer pessoalmente.

Infelizmente vai se o homem, o profissional... Nos fica a obra, que por sinal, nós membros da comunidade Delphi espalhados pelo mundo podemos comprovar o quão grande é a obra de Pawel.

Obrigado Pawel, com certeza sentiremos sua falta.

- Landerson Gomes

May your soul rest in peace, Pawel

Your contribution to the community is immense... And your legacy continues.

Nirav & Pawel

- Nirav

Adiós Pawel

Adiós a un gran maestro, nunca te conocí personalmente y aún así me enseñaste muchísimo, aún así me ha puesto muy triste tu partida. No comprendo la razón repentina de lo sucedido, sin embargo deseo que llegues a buen puerto. Te mando un sincero y fuerte abrazo, estés donde estés. Adiós Pawel.

Goodbye to a great teacher, I never met you personally and yet you taught me a lot, even so your departure has made me very sad. I do not understand the sudden reason for what happened, however I hope you reach a good port in that long journey. I send you a sincere and strong hug, wherever you are. Goodbye Pawel.

- Jhonny Suarez


Looking around I found this nice and natural picture, hard to remember what we were discussing, with my Italian gesturing . One one of the 100s of conferences we attended together and save sessions to. You'll be missed. Farewell...

Marco & Pawel

- Marco Cantù

My thoughts...

...are with you and your family.

- Matthias

 Farewell Pawel

I always remember you!

Pawel, William and students

- William Wittwer

We will Miss You Friend!

Dear Pawel, You were not only an inspiration to friends and Family but a Strength and Powerhouse to the Delphi Community at large. It was a pleasure getting to know you and working with you! May you soul Rest in Peace.

- Anil Mahadev

Rest in Peace Pawel

Our condolences on the loss of Pawel. 
We are thinking of the family in these difficult times. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 
Wishing you hope in the midst of your sorrow, and comfort in the midst of your pain.
Pawel was a good, decent and honest man.  
Pawel was always happy and always positive.  
Pawel will be in our hearts and memories forever.
Rest in Peace Pawel.


- Al Mannarino

Rest in Peace, Pawel

I first met Pawel at an Embarcadero event in early 2012. 

I remember Pawel as a very happy person, was always smiling and a true team player. I worked with him on many product releases and projects over the years. He was highly regarded in the Delphi community and a great person. 

He will be dearly missed by his colleagues at Embarcadero. My deepest condolences to his family.

Rest in peace, Pawel! 

- Sarina DuPont

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  • Although I never met him personally, but I know him through his webinars, articles and books. His smiling face always attracting people. My deepest condolence to his family.
  • Rest in peace Paweł. Thank you for your presentations, thank you for everything you have taught us.
  • I was impressed with the presentation given by Pawel in London in May 2017 (the only time I met him). Like others, I too found Pawel helpful, reliable and informative as well as being very friendly and approachable. He will be missed.
  • Hi Pawel, I've never met you in person, but your webinars have taught me so much. Thank you.
  • I never met him in person, but he helped me a lot with the content he created during his lifetime for the Delphi community. Believing that death is a transition and not the end - I'll say it with Uwes words ... "Happy coding on the other side." May your family and beloved ones overcome the sorrow of missing you on this side, with time. “Sorrow comes to all… Perfect reality is not possible, except with time. You cannot now realize that you will ever feel better and yet you are sure to be happy again.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • Pawel got me over the hurdle using FireDac , Always included his name in searching on the net Life is short ,use it well Rest In Peace
  • That was a shock out of the blue to the system as well as the community as a whole. I've had a number of private conversations with Pawel over the years and he was always extremely helpful. Condolences to his family and friends.
  • "If you cross a river you have to leave one side." (Mahatma Gandhi) Happy coding on the other side, Pawel!
  • I had the pleasure to meet him personally some times over the last few years and last time only a few months ago in Eindhoven. He has always been a very kind person and I can't remember him without a smile on his face and a lot of enthusiasm. A great Delphi and technology expert and a nice person. We all miss you. My thought goes to his family.
  • Goodbye Paweł. I met Paweł many years ago at a conference in Denmark, and immediately struck up a long lasting friendship with him. As many has already said, Paweł was a very nice person to be around. Always helpful. Since the first time I met him, I have met him at various conferences in Europe. Paweł has also attended the Danish Users Group DAPUG biannually workshop where he did a great job in presenting his stuff. I had also the honour to co-present with him at a Delphi Release event in Gothenburg a couple of years back. I too have a hardcopy of his book "Expert Delphi" and I will treasure this book, as he did sign it for me, the last time we met in Eindhoven just last autumn. Paweł was a great man with many interests beyond Delphi and programming. He was also very fond of Rock music, and in the recent years Paweł and I often discussed archery, as he had picked this up as a sport with his wife. I myself used to be quite good at archery, and still have a strong passion for the sport. Unfortunately the plans Paweł and I had about shooting together were interupted by his sudden passing. Goodbye Paweł, you will be missed.
  • Embarcadero boasts a stellar team of technical experts. Among them, I gladly admit, Pawel has been a favorite from the first time I attended one of his webinars. Pawel's ability to unify deep technical know-how, communications skills, and downright friendliness was unmatched. He knew how to take a dry subject and make it an adventure. My heartfelt condolences to his family.