Join Marco Cantu and myself as we provide an overview of the various web development technologies available to Delphi developers.

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Frameworks covered:

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  • We need the embarcadero to develop a framework to make firemonkey multi-platform applications usable in web browsers with html, css and java script.

    The idea of multi-platform projects is to make our projects usable on all supported platforms, this minimizes the work and makes it simpler.

    When I choose to use Unigui, TMS WebCore and etc it means that I am giving up all the features of Firemonkey and I still have to manage 2 different projects.

    You added that in the 2018 roadmap "Web Development Tools," but it does not look like this will continue.

    What is the advantage of multi platform if I should, create, develop, manage and maintain 2 separate projects?

    Please add Firemonkey support through ExtJS or any other, but please allow us to manage only 1 project for all platforms, thank you.