One developer asked me recently on Embarcadero community chat where he could find any learning resources for Delphi. Then I have realized that maybe not everybody is aware that just recently "Embarcadero Academy" has launched!

It has been a big effort for a long time, but it is there and it is time to start using it!

At Embarcadero Academy you find online courses covering different technologies and programming languages run by well-known experts such as Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantu and many more.

There are different resources available such as:

  • Self-paced and live-lecture courses
  • Online developer bootcamps
  • Online developer conferences and replays
  • Developer skill certification exam

 Don't wait! There is always a good time to learn something new and become a better programmer!

  • Education is the need of time. We need to educate our children for the sake of development of our country. We should ensure that quality education is given to our children and here is the best Resources for this. This college also imparts quality education as well as allows its students to have practical work.