We’re back with Part 4 of our Delphi25 stories. Thank you all so much for engaging with our first, second, and third posts, and for watching our Delphi25th Stories series on YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the interview with Delphi's creators and the playlist with Delphi stories from some of our fabulous MVPs and community members. 

Happy 25th Birthday Delphi, from the community that you've made possible. Be sure to visit the new Delphi celebration site.

“Delphi is still going strong, and the latest version...is the best yet!”

- Cary Jensen


"[translated] The very idea of ​​such a development organization seemed revolutionary”

- Alex Bozhko (Russian)
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“Give it a try…you never know it just might be your cup of tea!"

- Larry Hengen

"Delphi has allowed me to do more things in much less time."

- Jose Castillo (Spanish)