It is time for our annual developer conference: CodeRage 2019, and this year we are evolving CodeRage to take greater advantage of the virtual conference format.

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(This post is the home for all things CodeRage 2019 - it will be updated throughout CodeRage 2019)

CodeRage 2019

We are making some changes to it this year to take advantage of the virtual nature of the conference. This will make it more flexible for attendees in different time zones and attract a greater diversity of content.

Overview: Instead of the 45 minute pre-recorded sessions with 15 minute live Q&A on a fixed schedule, we are switching to a series of shorter videos, each by different presenters, around a single topic with a single Q&A session hosted round table style. CodeRage 2019 is spread out over seven weeks from Oct 28th to Dec 19th (skipping the last week of November in observance of Thanksgiving in the USA.) Each video will be around 5 minutes in length (at most 10), and include a link to slides, code, and paper/blog post. 

The series will go live on Monday of the week as part of a YouTube playlist. Everyone who registers for the Q&A will receive access to the playlist, allowing them to view the videos on their own schedule and also submit questions for the Q&A. On Thursday of the week there will be a live, hosted, round table conversation around the topic of the week, including Q&A from the attendees during the week. The hosted session will be added to the YouTube playlist for anyone who couldn’t attend live.


Topic (with link to register)



InterBase Power User Tips and Tricks

Thu 31-Oct


All About Linux and Advanced FMX

Thu 7-Nov


FireMonkey Multi Device Design

Thu 14-Nov


VCL Tips and Tricks on Windows 10

Thu 21-Nov


Tech Partner Round-Up - Component Design, Open Source, and OTA

Thu 5-Dec


RAD Server, DataSnap, Web, and Client Server Technologies

Thu 12-Dec


Fast C++Builder Development

Thu 19-Dec

Important details:

  • All videos must be provided before the series states. No later than Sunday!
  • With the video presenters will include a Google Doc, PDF, link, etc. with more information. It could be a link to a BitBucket or GitHub repository, a link to a blog post, etc.
  • Videos should be around 5-10 minutes in length. The idea is to show or explain something quickly.
  • Most videos will be in English, but some may be in other languages with English subtitles. 

Schedule: Seven weeks from Oct 28th to Dec 19th (skipping the last week of November in observance of Thanksgiving in the USA). Playlist goes live on Monday, hosted Q&A on Thursday.

Format: Each video will be 5 to 10 minutes in length, and include a link to slides, code, paper/blog post, and a way to connect with the speaker. The series will go live on Tuesday of the week as on YouTube. On Thursday of the week there will be a hosted round table discussion of the topics, including a live Q&A pulling questions from the live attendees and questions submitted during the week.

Note: I'm traveling the weeks of October 21-25th (Brazil), and November 18-22nd (Belgium), but will be working behind the scenes on logistics.