In time for Delphi’s upcoming 25th birthday this Friday, we have a new VCL Windows style available for download, that’s perfect for your modern Windows applications. 

Use the new Lucky Point Windows theme to give your existing or new VCL Windows applications a custom look and feel. 

How to download: 

The style is available for download in the Styles category in the GetIt Package Manager in RAD Studio 10.3.3.

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  • I don't understand why this (or any) new style(s) are only available to Enterprise / Architect subscribers.

    I can understand Community editions being excluded from downloading new styles, but why should it be a 'perk' of just the top two tiers?

    Your Pro subscribers still pay you yearly for the product (which is not really different from Community except 'License' stuff) so surely, given this to celebrate 25 years you can consider all your PAYING subscribers?

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