Today’s Cool Apps selection is CamSextant, by Omar Reis. CamSextant is an application that allows users to identify and track astronomical objects in real time. It’s the first time we’ve featured an augmented reality application in this series, and I am extremely excited to do so. CamSextant was developed in Delphi using Embarcadero’s FireMonkey multi-device tools, and has several cool features worth diving into.

As you can see in the video below, CamSextant uses an augmented reality overlay to identify and track objects. It does this by using various functions (GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, and others) of the host device in what Omar calls a “sensor fusion”, which is detailed in the links below. Not only does CamSextant track objects, it will speak object names, calculate their positions, and even allow users to track and save object positions.

Follow the link to learn more about the libraries Omar has used for CamSextant, as well as an explanation and demonstration of his cross-platform sensor fusion. He really has created something special, and it is well worth your time to check out. CamSextant is available for free on Android and iOS platforms, just follow the links. Thank you again to Omar Reis and to CamSextant, the latest Embarcadero Cool Apps selection.

Learn more about the tools behind CamSextant:

GitHub Repository

Check out CamSextant here: 

Google Play Store

iOS App Store

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