Target iOS 11 with RAD Studio 10.2.1 and the newly released iOS 11 patch.

We have released a patch that adds support for building and debugging iOS 11 applications on supported devices, and building App Store, Ad Hoc or In-House Distribution ready apps. It also addresses a number of iOS 10 related issues.

This patch is available for any active Update Subscription customer and requires that you have RAD Studio 10.2.1 (Tokyo Release 1) installed.

Supported iOS SDK versions: iOS 10.3.x, iOS 11

Supported Xcode versions: Xcode 8.2.x, 8.3.2, 8.3.3 and 9.0


Note: iOS 11 Simulator deployment is currently not supported as it requires macOS 64-bit support. macOS 64-bit support is on our product roadmap. Targeting iOS 10 Simulator devices is supported. 



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  • Hi, I went back to using the iPhone10.2 SDK and this problem has been solved. I still use XE 10.1.
  • Hello, my workaround is: - create a TRectangle on MostTop with Height of 20px only visible on iOS platform and fill it with form's background color - set the SystemStatusBar on VisibleAndOverlap (so you can mantain the same aspect on pre iOS11 devices)
  • Hello, You have to ensure that you have no local FMX files in your directories. I found out that, due to some specific modification, I had copied in the past some FMX *.pas files to my working directory. And in the latest updates and patches from Embarcadero, they updated a specific part (height). So ensure you refer to the latest FMX files.
  • Hi Bas Eshuis, Any workaround to this issue. I have the same problem here.
  • Can anyone confirm that this patch will work on iOS 11.1/XCode 9.1 and C++ Builder, for me it's only working in Delphi.
  • Hello to Sarina and all, thanks for the patch. But since iOS11 and XCode 9 the status bar handling in iOS has changed on the iPhone. A new 'security' bar of 20 px is shown below the top status bar overlapping therefore my screens. What has to be done in Delphi to overcome this ? Normally all iOS developers will have this problem. Please give answers fast.
  • Hello, I'm in big trouble. I'm using XCode 9.0.1 and have already upgraded Delphi (10.2.1) and applied Patch. Everything works fine with Delphi, but when I open the app on the iOS Simulator, the app opens and closes simultaneously. When I use iPhone the application is not transferred to the device and no error message appears. Someone could help me, I'm already exhausted from trying so hard and getting no results.
  • I installed the patch and Delphi 10.2.1 with patch works perfectly with IOS 11 except that I have one issue. The main form's SystemStatusBar.Visible Property does not seem to work correctly. If I set to Visible, whatever I have at the very top of my form covers the status bar with a white line. If I set to VisibleandOverlap, it appears but overlaps what I have at the top of the form. This was not an issue in Delphi Berlin but seems to be an issue in Tokyo. Any suggestions?
  • Wow, This time I'm impressed, it was within the week of the latest Xcode release!!! This is the way it should be, and it looks like you got the message ! Thanks to all at Embarcadero.