We are pleased to release a hotfix for RAD Studio 10.2. This hotfix addresses:

  • debugger issues for Android, iOS, and Linux;
  • Delphi Win64 compiler issues;
  • a C++ RTL issue addressing a crash on exit;
  • a security issue in the C/C++ RTL. Our thanks to Ɓukasz Wyporek for notifying us of this issue.

You can find full details about each issue in the readme and download page on CodeCentral.

We also have an Android compatibility patch in the works to address Android issues around text input, control rendering and performance.

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  • I do appreciate there's two sides to every coin...which is why I have raised a ticket with them (as follows) ID INC000008132530, I have a few different versions of RAD Studio (Produced by Embarcadero) the latest RAD Studio 10.2 and 10.2.1 (Tokyo) both have issues with linking applications under the c++ environment. Older versions seem fine. I believe they have new versions of their linking app this time around, to resolve issues with memory management. My guess is your AV engine & or heuristic features no longer recognises the linker app and now interact & interfere with it''s operation which makes it fail 90% on my machine. I''ve tried playing with various exclusions, settings & features to no avail. I can confirm the app works perfectly well with other AV engines (have mostly tried free ones so far). I would much prefer to keep using Kaspersky than switch to another vendor. Can you please look in to this. A free trial of the development package can be obtained here (link). No dount Embarcadero will be more than happy to resolve this issue as I''ve no doubt it affects many of their customers, if my experiences are anything to go by. If they are not I''d be happy to use one of my support tickets on this kind regards James
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