We are pleased to release a hotfix for RAD Studio 10.2. This hotfix addresses:

  • debugger issues for Android, iOS, and Linux;
  • Delphi Win64 compiler issues;
  • a C++ RTL issue addressing a crash on exit;
  • a security issue in the C/C++ RTL. Our thanks to Ɓukasz Wyporek for notifying us of this issue.

You can find full details about each issue in the readme and download page on CodeCentral.

We also have an Android compatibility patch in the works to address Android issues around text input, control rendering and performance.

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  • Whilst this is something I've already said it looks like this might be an opportunity to show some solidarity on something that needs to be addressed. There needs to be balance between pushing out new features (in conjunction with a new release) and making absolutely sure current releases reach a stable point. New releases are no good if they contain broken essential that never get fixed. Maintenance needs to be given a higher priority than it currently has. In this instance Boost libraries have been a part of the toolschain for donkeys years. A lot of Devs will have code that uses it so it should have been tested and proven 100% working before Tokyo was released....because problems like these will affect many, not just Andrew. After discovery of the issues it should have been sorted....because problems will affect many, not just Andrew. (David) I note your reply from last Month. "You may be able to rebuild Boost yourself, though that is a lengthy process". It sounds like this issue is fixable, if you rebuild boost, why has this not been done on the Embarcadero end and pushed out as a hotfix or patch?
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